Some of the largest revenue generating productions would not have happened without Aaron. I highly value Aaron’s integrity and presence in any work capacity. I am happy to say you would be lucky to work with him!
— Janae Hansen, Sr. Audience Researcher


As a Managing Content Producer at CreativeLive, a well-funded startup, I managed a team of 8 producers responsible for generating thousands of hours of premium content, available live and around the world.  With my time, I was able to produce 100+ courses generating over $5 million in revenue.

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From large brands like Microsoft, Starbucks, and T-Mobile to non-profits, state government agencies, or startups, I’ve produced hundreds of videos with an incredibly diverse portfolio of clients.  Known for going above and beyond, my work with ProMotion Arts delighted clients keeping them coming back for more, year after year. 

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For fun and as a way to connect with the community, my friends and I founded Team Awesome Seattle.  Team Awesome is a social hub for filmmakers and individuals that want to be involved in filmmaking by working collaboratively in a creative, unrestricted and fun environment. Through competitive and experimental film projects, members of all levels could share experiences, learn new skills, connect with industry pros, and learn all aspects of video production, one project at a time. 

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