I get excited about creating great content and turning awesome ideas into reality. I geek out over well-crafted e-mails, high-level strategic planning, and change management. I have yet to meet a personality type I haven’t been able to collaborate with. I believe in equally investing passion and energy into both small and large projects – they both deserve it. I have as great a passion for scheduling, budgeting, and client relations as I do for being on set and managing production. I’m highly organized and detail-oriented.  I’m a fast-learner and team player. I have a strong ability to work collaboratively across an organization and across disciplines. I’m most comfortable in an environment where I’m overseeing a variety of simultaneous projects and productions. I am, by nature, a problem solver – the bigger, the better!


Managing Content Producer

As a content producer at CreativeLive, a well-funded startup, I worked with our world-class instructors to develop their educational content and optimize their multi-day broadcast presentations for our live interactive platform.  I produced an educational curriculum for each class and coordinated with the line producers, set designer, technical director, chat moderators, hosts, channel heads, and marketing team to deliver the most engaged classroom experience possible.  My projects covered a variety of topics for creative entrepreneurs including photography, filmmaking, business, art/design, and software. 

•    In addition to producing, I also managed a team of 10 Content Producers between two cities - Seattle & San Francisco.

•    Within three years I had accomplished 75 multi-day productions at the beat of 2-3 per month.

•    Having spearheaded CreativeLive’s biggest production initiatives, I was promoted to Lead Producer and responsible for taking on any projects labeled “New, Big, or Difficult”.

promotion arts

MANAGING producer

ProMotion Arts is an agency fueled by creative problem solving for big ideas.  As the only producer, I had to find a way to pull off some pretty wild concepts on time and on budget while simultaneously managing multiple stakeholder expectations.  I produced events, broadcast spots, multimedia accessibility solutions, corporate video messaging, live streaming, motion graphics, and education content. No day was the same and no challenge was too big.   

•    As manager of our Starbucks account, I led to completion a wide variety of projects including multi-cam live events, bilingual transcription videos, high-impact motion graphics, and company-wide multimedia messaging.  This is also where I managed, and eventually perfected, the art of change orders.  

•    Proud producer of many quality, hand-crafted projects that earned the agency 12 Telly Awards, 4 Addy Awards, and 1 Regional Emmy.

•    I had the privilege of working with some of the largest companies in the Pacific Northwest including Starbucks, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 5th Ave Theater, University of Washington, Rick Steves, and many more.



Team Awesome was a social hub for filmmakers and individuals that wanted to be involved in filmmaking by working collaboratively in a creative, unrestricted and fun environment. Through competitive and experimental film projects, members of all levels could share experiences, learn new skills, connect with industry pros, and learn all aspects of video production, one project at a time. I provided leadership to all projects Team Awesome created as producer to ensure positive collaboration, promote creative thinking, and guaranteed a quality experience for everyone. 

•    As a team we’ve completed ~40 video projects ranging from online video contests, 48 hour film projects, music videos, and comedic video skits, most of which have claimed respectable awards.

•    To stimulate collaboration and creativity among the community, I led several writing and brainstorming weekly groups to bring filmmakers together allowing us to share ideas, meet one another, and come up with ideas worth making.

•    As a team we produced several noteworthy short films that were submitted to the festival circuit including ‘Door to Door’ and ‘How to Get Laid’.




•    "Aaron produced my most successful and complicated international broadcast. He is simply one of the most talented producers I have ever been lucky enough to work with, and I will go as far as saying he sets the bar. It is hard to watch a huge production come together, but Aaron displays a calm and competence that is rare to find." – Sue Bryce, CreativeLive’s most successful and highest grossing instructor

•    “Aaron is by far the most talented producer I have worked with. He is a creative thinker and clear communicator who is even-keeled and thoughtful in the most high pressure situations. He is a natural leader with a passion for collaboration, empowering teams and getting s**t done! I really enjoy working with Aaron and I would highly recommend him for any project that needs a great person who always goes above and beyond to create amazing work.” – Justin Barker, fellow Content Producer

•    "Aaron is an amazing talent - wrangling some of the toughest challenges at CreativeLive. I called Aaron our ‘canary in the coal mine’ as he often blazed the trail on new show models and rallying the team with cool, calm, and great humor, even in the most chaotic moments." – Evan Sadler, Head of Production at CreativeLive


•    I love the outdoors. Kayak, bike, sailboat, hike, camp, mountaineer, road trip, you name it… If it smells like adventure, I’ll be there.

•    I’ve been dancing for the past seven years. If there’s some smooth blues or rocking swing, you’ll be hard pressed to keep me off the floor.

•    More video production! Honestly, when I’m not working, I still love to watch movies, read scripts, or work on projects with friends.

•    Favorite quote and words to live by: "Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon... must inevitably come to pass" - Paul Meyer