"Swiss Army Knife" Technical Director - Los Angeles

Looking for a "swiss army knife" type person to help be a one-man-band for a lean-and-mean weekly broadcast we do on our educational channel at www.suebryceeducation.com.   Specifically, we're looking for someone with TD experience who knows how to use wirecast, has camera operating experience and knows streaming cameras really well (We often use the Sony EX3), and can essentially self produce our single camera 1 hr mini education segments.

Every Tuesday we go live at noon for an hour from our 2,500 sq/ft Arts District  studio with a weekly educational segment covering various topics in photography (Portrait Photography to be specific).  The reason for the one-man-band approach is that we want to keep the production very simple and cost effective, since we do 52 of these throughout the year.  Everything is provided: set, gear, and technology.  So, we just need someone to help us operate it. 

The goal would be to get someone on-board to do this every Tuesday, and I'll have a couple backup players no-call in the event you're unavailable.  That said, it's technically a freelance job, but with long-term potential.  I also wanted to note that we do much larger 3-day live streaming events with a full team about twice a quarter in the space, so if this goes well and you also like TD'ing much larger projects, there's opportunity to do those events as well. 

Honestly, I think the ideal candidate for this job isn't a seasoned pro with 20 years experience, because I won't lie, you're probably well beyond this and it will likely be a bit boring.  But rather, I think this is good for someone who's somewhat new to the live-streaming game but has experience with all the equipment/technology and is a real "go getter".  There's a lot of room to grow since we're an online education startup and actually run several other mini-online schools that do a lot of online streaming.  So, if you're hungry for knowledge, work, and experience, this could be a good opportunity.