For fun and as a way to connect with the community, my friends and I founded Team Awesome Seattle.  Team Awesome is a social hub for filmmakers and individuals that want to be involved in filmmaking by working collaboratively in a creative, unrestricted and fun environment. Through competitive and experimental film projects, members of all levels could share experiences, learn new skills, connect with industry pros, and learn all aspects of video production, one project at a time. 

mission statement video

Our Mission: "We make awesome video, we love what we do. You in?"  When we created Team Awesome we wanted to enter the seen with a splash attracting filmmakers and video professionals from all realms of production.  And that we did.  Pulling together our friends and fellow filmmakers, we strived to create a mission statement video that didn't just say what we're all about, but also show it.

"under covers" - 48 hour film project

"Under Covers" is Team Awesome's 2014 submission to the 48 Hour Film Project.  Proud winner of "Audience Choice", "Best Editing", and "Best Use of Genre", we were tasked to use a specific line of dialogue, character, prop, and genre to create a film in only 48 hours along with over 100 filmmakers and deliver a product worth watching.  With a rockstar collection of friends and filmmakers we made this gem that I'm quite proud of.

Nesquick Competition Video

This video was produced for a Nesquick Commercial Competition. The premiss that we had to fulfill was: Where does Nesquick take you? And apparently our answer was, "Nesquik takes me to a dream world of bunnies and cheap kiddie amusement park rides" This video ended up placing as second which earned us free Nesquick for a month. It wasn't necessarily worth it because we were all sick of Nesquick after this production anyway.

48 Hour Film project documentary

We love the 48 Hour Film Project so much that it wasn't enough to just participate in it for 5 years, but we also wanted to document it.  Team Awesome went behind the scenes with four amazing teams in Seattle's 2012 48 Hour Film Project documenting their challenges, achievements, and adventures.   Who doesn't like seeing behind the curtain on film productions? Let alone, one that's running against the clock and full of unpredictable elements.