"Filmmakers are the storytellers of our time"

I love being a part of the filmmaking process and watching great ideas become a reality.  I've had the pleasure to work with some very talented filmmakers and help breathe life into their stories.  Every project is only as good as the sum of all its parts and I can safely say that the films I've been able to work on have had exceptional, hard-working teams to see it through to the end.

Door to door

A comedy about two door-to-door solicitors—a devout missionary and a master con-artist—and what happens when they make a bet about who can persuade more people to believe in Jesus. Official selection of the New Orleans Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum's Local Sightings, and Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

how to get laid

How To Get Laid is a raunchy, intellectual comedy shot on the RED about three friends trying to get laid who all end up getting screwed.