ProMotion Arts is an agency fueled by creative problem solving for big ideas.  As the only producer, I had to find a way to pull off some pretty wild concepts on time and on budget while simultaneously managing multiple stakeholder expectations.  I produced events, broadcast spots, multimedia accessibility solutions, corporate video messaging, live streaming, motion graphics, and education content. No day was the same and no challenge was too big.   

Promotionarts corporate demo reel

The company demo reel will give you a good glimpse of the kind of work we produced, ranging from large companies like Starbucks, Microsoft, or T-Mobile to various government agencies, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs.  We offered a huge range of services allowing us to provide creative solutions to some complicated needs.

starbucks - java wellness center

A collaborative effort between Starbucks, a wellness provider called Vivecorp and the ProMotion Arts team to create a series of internal videos geared towards their Health and Wellness Initiatives for Starbucks.  This is the overview video for a much larger 50 video series that was distributed throughout all of Starbucks internationally. 

john l. scott realestate app

To announce their new app John L. Scott Realestate connected with the ProMotion Arts team to build a series of motion graphics videos to illustrate the product on many platforms.   A revolutionary app deserved an equally awesome video.  Again, this is the overview video for a much larger 20 video series.

celebrated chefs - russel's restaurant

Celebrated Chefs is an innovated program that connects restaurants with nonprofits to help give back to the community doing what you already do... eat!  As part of the program we traveled the country creating these highlight videos that included some kind of cooking tip.  With over 100 restaurants throughout the country enrolled in the program, developing the video series was quite the feat.